Lausanne Jardins 2014: 14 juin – 11 octobre


Le film de l’édition 2014

Film retraçant Lausanne Jardins 2014

Réalisation: Bertrand Nobs
Images: Bertrand Nobs et Pierre-Alain Frey
Montage: Jessica Dayan
Illustration musicale: Pierre Audétat
Mixage et illustration sonore: Jérôme Cuendat
Production: Service parcs et domaines, Direction finances et patrimoine vert, Ville de Lausanne
Moyens technique: VPS prod

©SPADOM - Ville de Lausanne 2015



A nursery in transit
By creating an urban nursery-112 rowan tree saplings on the esplanade between Le Petit-Chêne and Rue de Mornex- the designers are questioning the provenance, storage and life of plants before they get to become part of a garden.

Terrasse du Petit-Chêne

Botanic box

A piece of jungle dropped from the sky
The originators of this design play with the theme of ‘mobility’ by using a container filled with a garden, which can be made in one place, easily transported and displayed somewhere else.

Tour Edipresse


Large bubbles of white flowers take flight and land where the wind carries them -on the promenade de Derrière Bourg. A dainty, lyrical landing.

Promenade Derrière-Bourg

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