Lausanne Jardins 2014: 14 juin – 11 octobre




A nursery in transit
By creating an urban nursery-112 rowan tree saplings on the esplanade between Le Petit-Chêne and Rue de Mornex- the designers are questioning the provenance, storage and life of plants before they get to become part of a garden.

Terrasse du Petit-Chêne

Botanic box

A piece of jungle dropped from the sky
The originators of this design play with the theme of ‘mobility’ by using a container filled with a garden, which can be made in one place, easily transported and displayed somewhere else.

Tour Edipresse


Large bubbles of white flowers take flight and land where the wind carries them -on the promenade de Derrière Bourg. A dainty, lyrical landing.

Promenade Derrière-Bourg

City crown

Urban productive garden
Through the introduction of an architectural greenhouse on the roof of the Bessières office building, the designers of this garden have created a new productive gardening space for the City of Lausanne, whilst proposing a dynamic alternative to the monotonous roofline.

Toit Bessières


Our dog-ends are seeds
The creators identified cigarette ends as being the most intrusive street rubbish, so they dreamed up
biodegradable filters containing a seed, thus encouraging wild plants to grow in random fertile nooks and crannies.

Cité Vieux Bourg


Travels and gatherings
Here, biodiversity, urbanisation, human movement and the movement of plants are all illustrated by creating structures that evoke a variety of nomadic habitats, such as yurts, tepees and tents, whichall serve here as supports for planting.

Jardin de la Cité Vieux-Bourg

Salix Colonia

Rare specimen for adoption
This installation, in bringing back water to where the layers of the urban world have imposed themselves, puts centre stage an essential feature of the river bank-willows.

Rue de la Mercerie


A meadow in the city
Prefabricated kits of wild vegetation are brought in to mark history and prompt its visitors by focusing on a selection of historical facets of the Place Pépinet, creating a "memorable" and welcoming space.

Place Pépinet

Plant lines

The communal hanging garden
This project reworks the idea of the washing line stretched between the façades of 2 buildings, seeking to create social contact between the alley’s neighbours.

Passage Mercier

Nestor the Loupe garden

A refuge for birds
Interactive birdhouses embellished by a selection of delectable vegetation invite urban birds to feed and nest in this wooded path located between Montbenon and the Flon area.

Chemin vers Montbenon

Garden Balance

Rocking cages
Cooperative participation strikes a balance at the heart of ‘Garden balance’. It needs 2 people together
to manage to pick the fruits, vegetables and culinary herbs protected by the structure. The users of Garden Balance have to take part in a routine that reminds them about basic ideas like commitment and sharing.

Parc de Montbenon

Pijnappel Kennis

An ironic slant on the ‘landing’ theme, with pine cones being the seeds for sowing.
The garden is transformed with the passage of time as the meadow evolves, changed by visitors and the pine cones as they pile up.

Montbenon-Chapelle de Tell

Invisible Gardeners

Often considered unpalatable animals, the earthworm's inexhaustible work is indispensable for the equilibrium of the soil. The  design of the "wormcomposter", seemingly fallen from the sky, acts as a rejuvenation device in the Monbenon park. Its inhabitants process organic matter nurturing the flower meadow above, therefore the earthworms role in the ecosystem can be perceived by  the visitor through the gain in biodiversity and beauty.

Promenade Schnetzler

Green Island

All’s green and just green…
This garden uses just a few subtle touches of green: by planting aniseed, mint, sage, asparagus, and wormwood, mounting tubes painted in the different shades of these plants, and refreshing the colours of the Terrain de la Vigie.

Terrain de la Vigie


Like a tree in the city
The students in Architecture and Landscape Architecture of hepia saw like the bark of a tree round a pillar supporting the municipal administration building. The project puts forward a different way of anchoring buildings through the simulation of roots on the esplanade.

Bâtiment administratif de Chauderon

Micro Cosmos

Under the paving stones, flowers
As a field taking possession of the urban space, a multitude of white and pink cosmos escape between the stones and cracks stairs. Place Chauderon transforms into rural and lighter.

Place Chauderon


The pneumatic garden
This project is a mass of plants colonising the portico, spilling out from inside the building. Lawned areas rise up to the sky, their verticality appearing to run counter to all logic. They lend a sense of abstraction, underlining the originality of the installation, and the planting looks almost like a parasite, something very strange in ordinary surroundings.

Fontaine rue Neuve

Weed pots

Islands of flowers
In Rue de la Tour, nooks and crannies and empty walls are covered with greenery. Out of the concreteand tarmac, multi-coloured mini-fields burst through, full of wild flowers which have been chosen with care. They are growing in a prototype container that has been specially designed for the event

rue de la tour

Rolling Garden

This garden is made up of tubes made of jute which enclose soil, with hosepipe running through the centre to make them rigid. The function decides the form; so long festoons of flowers will run down the façade of the car park and run across the ground.

Chemin du Frêne

Place de parcs

Four samples of Swiss parks will come and occupy the parking space on the Avenue Vinet, representing Basel, Bern, Geneva and Zurich in Lausanne Jardins 2014.

Avenue Vinet

Garden Collective

Forest in a sack
This garden concept grew from a joint project, bringing together students and volunteers to create it, and is made up of numerous sacks planted with forest shrubs and perennials. These will be placed on the steps and the esplanade of Notre-Dame Basilica, providing visitors with a selection of paths to wander through and an unique view.

Basilique Notre-Dame

Pick up flowers

Self-service flowers
This garden is part of a more ambitious project to transform Place de la Riponne, duplicating in a city setting, the fields of flowers in the countryside, where you can pick your own blooms.

place de la Riponne

Swiss Hill

The garden of Damocles
Composed of a mountain coated with alpine vegetation and placed on a thin aluminum plate based on very narrow pillars, Swiss hill works by contrasts. The lower structure, very light, yet relatively weakens the imposing mountain.

Place du Tunnel


Exotic bubbles
Exotic planting composed and enclosed in glass bubbles, located in the Hermitage Park highlight the artificiality and theatricality of nature within the cityscape. These protectively bubbles represent fragility and show how attentive we need to be to the world of plants.

Parc de l'Hermitage

Dessous d'un bois

Ants and ferns
The landscapers’ purpose is to highlight the unexpectedness of finding a sequoia in an urban setting by exaggerating the forest scenery at the base of the tree, and by creating a kind of staged setting. This is embellished even more by the startling presence of a giant ant-hill.

Place du Nord

Tohu Bohu...

A plant meteorite
Balanced on the slopes of Couvaloup is a large hollow dish, containing many sedums and looking like a mineral composition. A green meteorite crash lands in Couvaloup.

Coteau de Couvaloup

Par monts et par vaux

Six blocks of carved marble evoke the genesis and plant marble and symbolize the creation of mountains growing miniature vegetation at their base. This alpine micro-landscape recalls the mountains rising around Lake Geneva. They appear to spring from the ground within the cathedral.


Swag wagon - Remorque landing

The magic wagon
The Swag wagon is a garden that changes throughout its journey, and a moveable, functional wooden sculpture. And like the trailer it is, it hooks on to the back of the event. It represents the whole of Lausanne Jardins, and as such, it will take part in other similar happenings, providing visitors and passers-by with information.

Topiaires mobiles

Topiary on wheels
The designers have conjured up box plants, the stars of classic topiary, on wheels, with geometric shapes recalling traditional French gardens. This mobile planting evokes theatre sets, and, despiteits large size, it is light, bringing to mind fun memories of festivities, when such artifice was part of everyday life.